A tasting of the new blending wines for Chateau Beychevelle in Bordeaux. Winemaker Romain Ducolomb leads the tasting of 2018 Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot, just days off the vines. A most interesting tasting. It looks like 2018 may be a banner year for Bordeaux and Chateau Beychevelle in Saint-Julien.

Can you imagine the chateau at the beginning of the 17th century?  The first Duke of Épernon has just become its owner. The reputation of this great French admiral was such that as boats passed in front of his estate, they would lower their sails to show their allegiance. This deep mark of respect gave rise to the chateau’s emblem, a ship with a griffon-shaped prow. Its name in Gascon, Bêcha vêla, meaning “lower the sails”, later became Beychevelle.

This new mult-storied facility, one of the most modern in all of Bordeaux, gives the winemaker the infastructure to take what nature gives, and apply the best methods available to produce wines of great distinction.



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