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A Tale of 2 Wine Regions, Umbria & Tuscany




Col d'Orcia

Castello Verrazzano


Fattoria Felsina

It was a great trip through Umbria and Tuscany. We recorded video interviews at some of Italy's most prestigeous wineries. These personal conversations will be revealed on this feature page over the next several months. It's a great opportunity to discover the "inside stories" that will give you a greater understanding of what is happening in these two outstanding Italian wine regions as they point to the future.

A Conversation with Guiseppe Mazzocolin of Fattoria Felsina in Chianti Classico


Giuseppe Mazzocolin, who brought Fattoria Felsina to international prominence, talks about how he entered the wine business from his position as professor of Humanities / University of Florence. He speaks about his influences, friendships and the position of Chianti Classico's status in the wine world of today.

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I have had the honor of documenting Felsina's Rancia farmhouse and spectacular vineyards over the past decade. Not only does the vineyard produce outstanding Chianti, it is beautiful as well. - Robert S. Scott