Christ’s cry … the tears shed for a Paradise land laying on Men’s earth. The legend and history of the wine produced by the Sorrentino company intertwine to form a sublime and fascinating story in which the sacred and the profane mix and give life to a magical tale of flavor and faith.

A trail filled with aromas and beliefs, all played around a new Nectar of the Gods.

Lucifer, the angel of Evil, expelled from Heaven, managed to steal a strip of it and bring it with him on Earth, so forming the Gulf of Naples. Pained by this loss, Jesus Christ began to cry, shedding tears upon Mount Vesuvius, and from these sweet tears blossomed the grapevines and grapes of a heavenly taste: Lacryma Christi.



The unmistakable uniqueness of the Vesuvian wines and of everything that is cultivated on the Vesuvius is thanks to its exceptional volcanic soil. The Vesuvian volcanic area is the largest of Europe regarding active volcanoes that are still active yet dormant.

All the company’s vineyards are located on the south-west side, where numerous lava flows that reached the sea have enriched the soil with minerals, lapilli and made it extremely fertile with high porosity and drainage. This represents a first line of defense against pathogens and, in particular, ensures the authentic preservation of ungrafted vineyards.

We met the Sorrentino wine family for the first time, earlier this year. It felt as if we had known them for years and were coming for a "family visit." Maria Paola Sorrentino took us through the vineyards and explained their remarkable organic philosophy for producing fine wines from Vesuvio. The uniqueness of the Vesuvian wines and food products is thankful to the exceptional volcanic soils which impart characteristics to those products that are found nowhere else.

After a tour of the vineyards, Mary and I sat down for a tasting of Sorrentino   wines with Maria Paola and Vincenzo D'Antonio, Italianfood and wine journalist. If you are ever in Naples / Campania, please visit The Sorrentino Vesuvio winery for a great experience. View the tasting.

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