Introducing Todi, Umbria

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Introducing Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa in Todi, Umbria

According to the legend, said to have been recorded around 1330 BC by a mythological Quirinus Colonus, Todi was built by Hercules, who here killed Cacus, and gave the city the name of Eclis.

Historical Todi was founded by the ancient Italic people of the Umbri, in the 8th-7th century BC, with the name of Tutere.[4][5] The name means "border", the city being located on the frontier with the Etruscan dominions. It probably was still under the latter's influence when it was conquered by the Romans in 217 BC. According to Silius Italicus, it had a double line of walls that stopped Hannibal himself after his victory at Lake Trasimeno. In most Latin texts, the name of the town took the form Tuder.

Today, Todi is home to some of Italy's most famous attractions: the Palazzo del Priori (city hall), Basilica di San Fortunato, Ponte delle Torri (a Roman aqueduct) and much more. Todi is also a great place for shopping and dining while enjoying the comforts of Roccafiore.

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Anthea Spa at Roccafiore Wine Resort providing luxury spa services.
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Ask yourself this question, "Why would we want to stay anywhere else?"

Roccafiore Wine Chalet
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The wines of Cantina Roccafiore
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(A) The Wine Chalet is nestled in an oak forest and surrounded by vineyards, where privacy is therefore truly      guaranteed. Designed in a style that mixes traditional, natural elements and attention to details. The Wine Chalet allows you to enjoy the many activities offered by the Resort and the Winery, ranging from Spa services to food and wine experiences.  (B) The Tasting Room is where you can experience the wide range of Umbrian wines that Roccaforie produces every year. From crisp whites to complexc reds, these wines speak to the unique terrior of the Umbrian hills.  (C) The Terrace beckons you to relax in the comfort of the clean Umbrian air as you enjoy an alfresco luncheon with wine. (D) Roccafiore's room choices from the Classic to the Suite are individually different and designed for an easy, comfortable stay.          




Classic, Superior, Deluxe, and Suite Rooms of Roccafiore
Roccafiore Anthea Spa

The Anthea Spa of Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa offers moments of pure well-being, in a sophisticated environment where psycho-physical harmony and tranquility are the ideal result.

Inside the Anthea Spa you can indulge in the relaxing effect of a wonderful Roman sauna, the gentle therapeutic water massage, rely on the experience and professionalism of expert hands for pleasant traditional massages or special oriental massages, savoring pleasant herbal teas.

Fiorfioree resturant in Umbria

Fiorfiore is a fine restaurant located in the heart of Umbria. With its summer terrace overlooking an enchanting scenery, among vineyards, olive groves and the medieval skyline of Todi. The restaurant was founded in 2006 and has always offered authentic culinary experiences. Today, Fiorfiore Ristorante offers a menu with products coming from its own farm or from local producers, placing itself with a balance between tradition and modernity.  The result is a delicious experience not often found while traveling.


A wine resort should offer a range of expertly created wine for every taste. The wines of Cantina Roccafiore are distinctive and speak of their terrior.

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