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Your host, Robert Scott shares his tastes of wines from around the world. Domestic and foreign, new world and old world, reds whites and roses. Always interesting, these wines represent the dedication and passion of winemakers and the terrior from which the earth gives forth its bounty and provides the unique ingredients that we are privilaged to taste...

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Chateau Crabitey is located in Graves, Bordeaux. The owner and winemaker Arnaud de Butler talks about the history of the Chateau with Robert & Mary Scott directors of WinelineMedia. Then, we taste the excellent 2015 vintage and, below, is my tasting of the 2019 vintage, an outstanding wine.

The wine I am tasting is VINO di RAFFAELE. It is a product of ACRONEO, the Calabrian winery of the Bafaro family.  They use ancient techniques and aging in amphora to create wines that are both historic and moden.

VINO di RAFFAELE is 100% Magliocco and was mascerated at controlled temperature for 10 days then, aged in barrique, then in the bottle. It is from organic production.

The name, Scacciadiavoli (from “scacciare” – to banish, and “diavoli” - devils), refers to an episode of exorcism in the 14th century . The story tells of a young woman possessed by the devil who was made to drink some local red wine by an exorcist, banishing the demon. Here is Liu Pambuffetti leading us through a excellent tasting.

"You can banish your demons by drinking wines from the Sagrantino grape by Scacciadiavoli."

Castello Pomino winemaker, Livia Ledivelec discusses her techniques in producing three of Castello Pomino's amazing wines from the highest estate in Tuscany.  Livia and Robert Scott taste these wines on a lovely morning in October 2018. Enjoy...

A conversation with Andrea Cecchi of Famiglia Cecchi Winery. From generation to generation, Cecchi Family has accompanied the historical journey of Italian wine, which, in less than a century, has gone from being a farmer’s food to a leading national brand, known and appreciated around the world.

Ricci Curbastro comes from a family of agriculturalists in Franciacorta that narrates its own universe: a farm estate and a wine cellar, a wine museum, an agritourism, and antiques from the Granaio Verde.

Welcome to their world. They are happy to share it with you.

A luncheon with Francesco Mazzei, CEO of the Mazzei Wine Family Estates

Robert Scott, Host of and Francesco Mazzei, CEO of Mazzei Wine Family have a conversation over lunch at Osteria Fonterutoli in Chianti Classico. Listen as Francesco talks about the unique production facility at Castello Fonterutoli;  Zisola, the Mazzei project in Sicily, the creation of Gran Selezione and other interesting topics.

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Robert & Mary Scott with friends Maggie and Wayne taste the wines from Cantina Roccafiore during lunch at this beautiful resort. Owner and CEO Luca Baccarelli gives us a tour of the winery. Excellent wines from Todi in Umbria. The hotel, spa and restaurant are outstanding.

Go to: Cantina Roccafiore

Listen as dear departed Baron Maurice Velge talks about and tastes three vintages of his Chateau De Come, Saint Estephe Bordeaux with Robert Scott, host of WinelineTV and John Mazzanovich of Vintage Selections at the Citrus Club in Downtown Orlando. For more information, contact:    

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