A luncheon with Francesco Mazzei, CEO of the Mazzei Wine Family Estates.

Robert Scott, Host of www.WinelineTV.com, and Francesco Mazzei, CEO of Mazzei Wine Family have a conversation over lunch at Osteria Fonterutoli in Chianti Classico. Listen as Francesco talks about the unique production facility at Castello Fonterutoli;  Zisola, the Mazzei project in Sicily, the creation of Gran Selezione and other interesting topics.

The Citrus Club in downtown Orlando, FL held a "Mazzei Wine Dinner" on Saturday, October 19th. Giovanni Mazzei, Export Manager for Mazzei Family Wines flew in from Tuscan to host the event. Executive Chef, Reiner Drygala created a special Tuscan menu to pair with the Mazzei wines.

Giovanni Mazzei tells the history of the Mazzei Wine family at the Citrus Club Mazzei Wine Dinner in Orlando, FL.

A long lasting bond unites the Mazzei family with Tuscany and wines since the XI century.

Ser Lapo Mazzei is the author of the first known document to use the "Chianti" denomination in 1398; in 1435, when his granddaughter Madonna Smeralda Mazzei married Piero di Agnolo da Fonterutoli, the holding became part of the family's estate. Since then, for 24 generations, the Mazzei family produces wine at Castello di Fonterutoli, which even after its recent expansion still remains the beating heart of the company.

Learn all about Thomas Jefferson's Italian Connection with Philip Mazzei.

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Listen to my conversation about Philip with Francesco Mazzei, CEO of Marchesi Mazzei SPA, one of Tuscany's oldest wineries. Just click the start arrow below to begin.

Philip, A Unique Cabernet Sauvignon Celebrating Philip Mazzei


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