WineLineTV Objectives

As Host of WineLineRadio, and now, WineLineTV, it is my objective to bring valuable and entertaining content to wine lovers throughout the world. I want you to get to know each person that I am lucky enough to interview, as I know gotten to know them.

These leaders in the world of wine are passionate about their land, their products and their brands. As a group, they are always striving for improvement and innovation.

The act of giving birth to a wine requires dilligence, dedication and an ability to deal with the adversities of nature and the continued development of science.

They are business owners, farmers, alchemists, scientists, artists and family members all rolled into one. They care about the gifts they produce. They care about how they makes their way from the field to the bottle and they care about your reaction to their work. They crave your approval and wish for success not only for themselves, but also for their region within the world of wine.

So, come with me on this adventure. Learn about the people who make the wines you love to drink. Look and listen to these conversations and, please, let me know what you think about this format. I am eager to hear about what you want to see and how I vcan make the experience better. Send me an email or make a comment on facebook, twitter or Linkedin. Together, we can make this site a place you look forward to visiting.

Robert S. Scott

A series of audio conversations with leaders in the world of wine, dining reviews and portraits in wine. Listen and learn.

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Robert Scott's Portfolio of Artworks including, Paintings, Mixedmedia, Photography and Limited Edition Corporate Art Program.

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Wine oriented travel information and reviews of travel destinations, great places to visit, accomodations you can count on.

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